A hot new type of food stack.

So, there’s a THING happening on Instagram…

*crowd whispers to each other* “a thing?” “a thing?” “what is a thing?”

Instagram: @bysaber

We already know that the vegan and vegetarian crew on Instagram is obsessed with colorful food and drinks.

Photos of juices and smoothies have been everywhere for what feels like forever.

Instagram: @buzzfeedhealth

But then shit started to ~evolve~. First was the smoothie bowl.

These are still ~vegan sexy~, don't get me wrong.

Instagram: @buzzfeedhealth

But now we’ve hit a new frontier on the Great Smoothie Event of the 21st century: smoothie layering. (Or as many call them: SMOOTHIE STACKS.)

This is when you pour different types (or sometimes the same type) of smoothies into the same glass so that the colors sit on top of each other making multiple layers.

Instagram: @kaycarrera

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